Here are some of the top asked questions from our Zelris customers.

  • Will my concealed carry pistol be able to fit into one of your purses?

 Our concealed carry compartment pocket for all of our handbags are 8 inches by 6 inches. To see if your specific handgun model will fit, please check out our handgun sizes compatibility chart.

  • Where is Zelris located?

Zelris is located in Dallas, Texas.

  • Where does Zelris ship their products?

Zelris ships their products all over the world. For shipping costs, please add the items you would like to your cart and our partner carriers will automatically calculate the shipping costs.

  • Does Zelris have a minimum order requirement?

Zelris does not have a minimum order requirement. However, occasionally Zelris will run promotions that will allow you to save a percentage or receive a free item when you meet a certain order amount. 

  • Does Zelris offer wholesale or distribution?

Zelris wants to keep both the highest material quality and customer service. To ensure the highest standards for our customers, we currently do not offer wholesale or distribution to other vendors. You can find genuine Zelris products from our official channels:

Zelris Official Website

Zelris Amazon

Zelris eBay

Zelris Facebook Shop

We are looking into verification methods to maintain our golden standard in the future to allow other vendors, both online and brick and mortar shops, to carry our brand. 

  • How long will it take for orders to ship?

To make sure the orders arrive as soon as possible, Zelris beats our competition by offering either to ship our your order on the same business day or the next business day. We use carriers that will ensure the quickest delivery time to your doorstep.

  • Where are Zelris purses made?

Zelris proudly sources all of our designs to our hardworking American designers. Our handbags are handmade at our six sigma inspected facility in China and triple inspected before they are shipped to our Dallas Texas fulfillment center. The handbags are inspected again to ensure quality in our pre-shipment check by our American Quality Assurance agents. 

  • What is Zelris's return policy?

Zelris ensures that our products will arrive to our customers absolutely defect free and in a perfect condition. If you find any issues with your Zelris product within 30 days of arrival, please contact us at We will take care of your issues within one business day. Please note that we only offer this hassle free return for products purchased from official Zelris channels.

  • What payment methods does Zelris accept?

Zelris accepts all major credit card providers and PayPal. 

  • Can I make changes to my Zelris order?

You may make changes any time before the order has been shipped out. Please contact us at to do so.