Justin West Concealed Carry Clydesdale Buckle Studded Tooled Trifold Wallet

Zelris Polyurethane Leather Blended Material

Zelris uses PU leather (Polyurethane leather) for our concealed carry handbags, crossbody bags, and wallets. Zelris uses a unique blend of PU that has the look and feel of leather without the expensive costs attached by using a perfect blend of leather and polyurethane to create the material. This is a technique our competitors are trying but failing to imitate. 

Cleaning steps for PU leather concealed carry purses

Cleaning a PU concealed carry purse is easy but requires some basic knowledge. Following this guide would allow you to enjoy your Zelris bag for years to come. 

Interior Cleaning

  • Start off by emptying all the pockets and compartments of your purse. Please also remember to remove the concealed carry weapon from the zippered CCW compartment on the back of the purse and storing it in a locked secure location where children will not have access to. You can also hold your purse upside down and shake off any dust and dirt that may have accumulated in your purse. Then pull the interior fabric lining out. Start by using a vacuum to suck out any dust and then use a lint roller for the harder to remove pieces of dirt.

Exterior Cleaning

  • Mix soap with warm water. We recommend waiting until the water is a bit colder before applying it to your concealed carry purse. Then dip a soft cloth, preferably a microfiber cloth and wipe off any stains on the outside of the bag. You may need to rub and repeat on heavily soiled areas. Once you are satisfied with the cleanliness of your concealed carry purse, then you can use a dry cloth to wipe the purse dry. Please do not wash your purse in the washer or dry it in the dryer.

Cleaning on the go

  • We recommend carrying around some baby wipes to help you clean on the go. Gentle baby wipes are perfect for getting stains off your concealed carry purse.

Polish and Shine

  • Finally, you may use some leather polish if you would like to give your concealed carry handbag that shine it came with.

Storing your Concealed Carry Purse

Start off by removing your concealed carry weapon from the zippered CCW compartment and store it in a secure locked location where children do not have access to. Then you can remove any other items that you would like to take out of the purse. We recommend cleaning your concealed carry purse using the steps above to ensure that your purse is in the best condition to be stored away. Then use crumpled newspaper or any other paper and stuff your handbag to make sure it retains its shape in storage. Finally, wrap your concealed carry purse in a pillow case to prevent the exterior from being damaged. 

Please let us know if you have any questions with these steps or have any other suggestions at zelrisco@gmail.com.