At Justin West, we really appreciate the support of every customer that spreads the word about us. We are a company that relies on your word of mouth compliments that helps us grow exponentially, this is something that monetary marketing can never achieve.

We started out and we've always given back to our Justin West community by gifting you a carefully curated gift with every purchase.

From today on, we want to give out even more to our growing community. We want to give you even better gifts for staying loyal to us. And no, it is not going to be a lame rewards points program that doesn't reward you right away. Our program allows you to be rewarded right when you decide the order. Based on the dollar amount that you purchase, your gift will keep getting better. 

We will kick off this new gifting program with 2019 Mother's Day. If you spend over $60.00, you can choose a gift from our Justin West jewelry collection.